Whether it’s a snowy or a desert mountain, This muscle soak can be a reliable treatment for muscle pain after a tough day outdoors.
Love the outdoors? Mansalt bath salts for men is the perfect product to keep your muscles conditioned and relaxed.

What does it do?

A bath salt that does everything for the hard working man.

Mansalt is a custom formula engineered to relax achy muscles, improve skin quality, and leave users’ skin smelling great. It is made to clean and rejuvenate tired bodies making bathing a therapeutic experience that will drain away the tension and stress during tough days. It can be the skin’s best friend, providing it with the essential vitamins and minerals that will help rid of harmful toxins. It can even be curative by nature and will help provide a lot of health benefits such as improved circulation and nerve function. You can not buy bath salts like these anywhere else.

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How is it made?

Up close - What bath salts made especially for men look like

Mansalt is produced with a very high level of quality control and follows strict quality guidelines and consistent operating practices. It is a blend of natural dead sea salt, pacific sea salt, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and natural fragrance oils. We conduct a thorough inspection of these ingredients and we pride ourselves in paying attention to detail. From the proper labeling to shipping, you can be sure that our muscle soak products are up to par with the ISO quality standards. These may look like ordinary bath salt products up close, but it is far from it.

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Who's it for?

Mansalt is a product for men that women will also love. You cant buy bath salts like these anywhere else.

Mansalt was developed primarily for males looking to relax their muscles after a strenuous workout, athletic competition or a day on the job site. The idea was to take the usual bath salts that mimic the natural salts in hot springs and turn it into something that would be more fitting for the male physical make up. We have turned the volume up a notch to create these bath salts for men. That being said, we’ve found that our customers does not only include the male demographic, but also women from all walks of life. From the modern working man, the outgoing father, the bodybuilders, the star athletes, the regular joes, and to the women who love them, we have made our mark and have taken muscle pain treatment and skin care to a whole other level.

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Real Customer Feedback

I am using my second 2 pound bag of Mansalt Muscle Soak. For years I used Aramis Muscle Soak for Men when I needed a hot bath to soothe my aching muscles, and I was disappointed when I could no longer find that product. However, I am very pleased with Mansalt which is a mixture of Epson Salt with several other components that provides a nice smell along with a relaxing and soothing soak. AND, Mansalt is much more affordable than the Aramis product I used. I would say the makers of Mansalt have hit a home run.

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Mansalt - Bath Salts for Men

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